Super Nintendo Super Series Game #2: Super 4WD: The Baja

It’s time to get Super again- and if you want to talk Super, go Off-Roading!  But not just any off Roading: Super 4WD Off-Roading!   This game does a damn good job of making you feel like you actually just went off-roading; the bumps feel real, the terrain, the other drives trying to knock you off.  It’s a fun time.   Graphics are good, music is kicking, I enjoyed playing this one.


Playability / Controls- 7.5      Graphics- 5.5      Music/Sound- 5.5     Replay Value- 6.5     Originality- 7    Final: 68%



I didn’t know what to expect with a title like this, especially given the weight Zombies pull in the modern culture; hold on, this was a Lucas game?   It’s a goofy game where you have to protect your neighbors before zombies eat them.  The graphics really are solid; detailed, outrageous suburban neighbors (some a little too zany- a guy In a Safari Hat?) and the gameplay is fun without being too difficult; although it can get repetitive. You explore backyards, garages, shopping malls, etc. to locate all your misplaced neighbors.  It straddles the line of fun and horror especially later when you find more some disturbing type enemies.  This is a fun one that I don’t hear much about.


Playability/ Controls- 7     Graphics- 9      Music/Sound- 7      Replay Value- 5     Originality- 6     Final: 68%


Winter Gold

welcome to the Winter Games!   Skiing, Slalom, Bobsled, they’re all here combined with funky 90’s graphics and hip rock music playing your way throughout!   The controls were easy to pick up; very important in a sports game and the stages looked really nice.  It’s a different world playing with 16 bits.  There was something missing though; something stale about the competition part.  Still, not a bad game.


Playability- 5       Graphics- 7       Music/Sound- 6.5       Replay Value- 3.5     Originality- 5.5     Final: 55%


Dark Law: Meaning of Death (Japanese)

This game I needed a translator for; meaning I needed a guide to help me play it at all because it’s in Japanese!  I’m sure there are some fans out there who love this type of game (I haven’t even really started any RPG games yet) as do I, but the language barrier was really tough to over come.  What I played of the game had a simplistic beauty, with calming music guiding you through lush backgrounds.  It begins like any RPG , as a young boy finding his way into a strange situation speaking to villagers before you set out on your quest.  I plan on getting much more in depth on these games as I play them; but this was a nice appetizer.


Playability/ Controls- 6.5       Graphics- 7      Music/Sound- 5       Replay Value- 3 (although skewed)    Originality- 5    Final: 53%


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