Castlevania (Game Boy Titles)

So: To Preface this, Castlevania was one of my favorite games as a kid.  I was never that into horror, but something about the atmosphere of that game, the simple to use whip as your main weapon, and the adventure style of the game sucked me in big time.  And I’m a sucker for a great boss fight.  Lo and behold, I decided to start out playing the Game Boy versions here before re-tackling the classic NES (and Super) versions of the same games.

The Castlevania Adventure

Holy balls do I hate when you get hit how it always knocks you back!  I had forgotten that one.   So much reminds me of the normal NES version, the action, the whip upgrades and the awesomely creepy music, but I did not miss the knock backs.   The graphics are total ass too; the game seems to function like a normal Castlevania just all in the most wretched way possible.  I couldn’t enjoy this.


Playability- 3     Graphics- 3    Music/Sound- 7.5     Replay Value- 3    Originality- 2.5    Final: 38%


Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge  

Alright- Take 2:   It’s like the same game.   Even more frustrated.   The Freak, freak, freakin knockbacks!  It’s killing me here.  Every time.  There’s more to the background at least, more details, more shading, it helps flesh out the world.  It just reaffirms to me I need to pick up the NES versions and stop playing these.


Playability/ Controls: 3.5       Graphics- 5     Music/Sound- 7.5      Replay Value- 3     Originality- 4    Final: 48%


Castlevania Legends

Ok, here you are Sonia Belmont, who is supposed to supercede Simon in the Castlevania timeline.  This game has a few notable differences; first, this chick’s packing magic!   There’s a whole magic upgrade system that’s really different and fresh to this title.   Sure, the whip is still there but instead of upgrading that, you’re getting new kinds of magic to unleash on your enemies.   The graphics are fine; there’s not as much knockback and a few of the stages, I swear, have the same music from the first two NES versions, so it’s just humming along.   The game’s still tough as leather though; but not so tough you can’t get very far.   Best of the bunch for sure.


Playability/ Controls: 6      Graphics- 4.5      Music/ Sound- 9     Replay Value- 5     Originality- 4.5    Final: 50%


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