Columns (Sega Genesis) & 3 Other Games

Columns (or Tetris’ colorful cousin) was one of the first games I ever owned for Sega Genesis; did it come with the system?  I can’t recall, but it provided the same puzzle testing Tetris did, perhaps even at a greater difficulty because the quickness of the pieces being dropped starts earlier than Tetris.  Plus, you have 3 moving parts inside; any combination of colors could be in that line; it’s no mystery how it fits, but unlike Tetris, it’s all about lining up the colored patterns and getting matches that way.  It looks similar from the outside but this game is actually quite different in that regards.

I played this for hours on end before (Including picking it up again this time) and it doesnt’ seem to lose it’s luster or playability.  It’s instantly engaging too, as my daughter’s eye saw the bright colors and became invested in me making three of a kind right away.   Columns doesn’t have the famous theme song Tetris does, but it brings it’s own catchy tune to the mix that’s close to as memorable (but not quite).

So if you haven’t tried Columns in a while (or ever) do yourself a favor and try it out.


Playability- 8    Graphics- 5.5     Music- 6.5     Replay Value- 7.5    Originality- 5.5     Final: 66%


NBA Action

Team selection: check.    Accurate, real -life player rosters: check.   Smooth passing and shooting feature:  check.

Graphics are not that great, but I do love they tried to get feature characteristics on the players.   Couldn’t steal at all which I’m not sure why.  Pretty average but this game had an interesting feature:  Role Play.  You choose your favorite player and act as them during the game.  You still can coordinate passing, shooting and other strategies on your team when you’re not in control of the ball , but playing a single player was a cool experience.  I chose Chris Mullins of the Golden State Warriors (my cousin Chris’ favorite player when we were kids).   And accurately, he was rocking the flat top and hitting 3 pointers all day.


Playability- 9     Graphics- 4      Music- 4.5      Replay Value- 8    Originality- 7.5    Final: 66%


Forgotten Worlds

My apologies if there is some huge Forgotten Worlds fan out there; this game wouldn’t work.  I know I’m a guy on a train or something with a box in front of me, but I couldn’t shoot, I couldn’t jump, I have no idea what was supposed to happen.  I reset this thing 4 times and nothing.   So, Forgotten Worlds is a Forgotten 6 minutes after I write this last word about it.


Playability- 0      Graphics – 5.5      Music/Sound- 4     Replay Value- 0   Originality- 0    Final: 19%


Urban Strike

Some of you may be familiar with this one; it’s part of the “Strike” series; which included it’s predecessors Jungle and Desert; it’s typically the same setup; you’re a chopper invading enemy territory and blowing up bunkers, hideouts, vehicles, tanks and war ships while destroying their ammo, fuel and other supplies.   The stage layouts are really cool and I always liked them.

Controlling the Chopper is a bit tricky to those untrained and it took me a few minutes to readjust to some hard navigation.  But, the game gets rolling once you figure those out.

The other thing I must mention is the opening cut scene is amazing for Sega Genesis; it’s a long tale of corruption, explosions and vacations interrupted to be called back to duty.  It’s the best I’ve seen since replaying all these games on an old system.  Besides that I believe the game is practically identical to the other ones.


Playability- 6.5       Graphics- 7       Music/Sound- 8.5       Replay Value- 7      Originality(for that cut scene!)- 6    Final: 71%


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