Super Nintendo Super Series #1: Super 3D Baseball

So, being that the Nintendo marketing guys are so clever, when the Super Nintendo dropped, everything had to be upgraded to a “Super” version of what it was before.   There are a plethora of games with this label so I thought I’d go through them and feature them as the playable titles and find out how super they really are.

Up first is a Japanese Import; and they do love their base ball!  It plays like a slower, less defined version of Ken Griffey jr and I have some issues with the controls.  The pitching is not varied that much and your batter’s reaction time is a hair slower than you’d like so you have to swing earlier than normally.   The game’s fun in spades for sure; it’s conceived from a great engine but it can’t match the pure fun of that landmark title.


Playability- 4.5    Graphics- 6.5      Music- 6.5     Replay Value  7.5     Originality  5   Final: 60%


Hit the Ice

Hockey Time!  This is a fun chance to slap sticks with your bros!  Don’t think that came out right.  This is a 2 on 2 hockey fight where people can get knocked silly and fall face first, crippling your team for a brief moment.  The play is fun, and with less on the ice, it puts more focus on a one on one play style that’s fairly fun.   There’s some good “Hnnn!” and noises when you get punched in the gut, but that’s about it.  Best thing about the game is it’s comic style; it’s just a good time that doesn’t take itself too seriously.


Playability- 6      Graphics- 7      Music- 3.5      replay  Value  5    Originality- 6    Final: 55%



Another Streets of Rage ripoff.  The graphics are beautiful here though with gorgeous backgrounds like a late night pool hall and a Vegas strip-wannabe.   The music is killing too; classic 80’s beat=em=up pulses through the stages as you try to fight off a cadre of lame guys in denim vests and women with S&M knee highs on.  The stages are so short; you fight one wave of goons then it’s on to the boss, which you think would be a much more succinct package; but these bosses are waaaaay out of control.


Playability- 5      Graphics- 7       Music- 7      Replay Value- 2.5      Originality- 2     Final: 47%


Sword Maniac

This game takes me back to Ninja Gaiden days;  even his stance is very similar.  You def. have a sword; but I don’t understand the whole maniac phase of your character.   This game was just unadulterated fun.  You run around, slashing stuff to pieces, fluid controls, great graphics, and cool fighting music.  This is a Japanese release and they know how to make a great hack and slash game.   Maniac it up and play through this one for a fun time.


Playability- 7.5      Graphics- 7.5       music- 7.5      Replay Value – 8.5     Originality- 3     Final: 68%


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