Call to Arms, Fellow Mild-Mannered Employees:

I’m calling out to all normal Americans who work at a job they never saw themselves at, plugging away day by day, trying to provide for their family, that never seems to amount to enough.   All those people who put in extra hours, work their hardest yet watch someone walk fresh in the door and receive everything you’ve worked for since you got there.  All those people; we cannot let opportunities pass us by, walk over us and punch us in the gut.  It’s time to stand up and tell someone who cares and do something about it.

I work at an insurance company; have for 9 years.  I’ve toiled away at an hourly job, and done a damn fine job and am supremely comfortable where I’m at; in my position, we are generally ignored, looked down on, treated as less important, by a multitude of employees, while they can perfectly be great people (and some awful people) and even some new people; those are the ones that sting the most.  But, I continue to do my job as best as I can and have made a great living so far doing it.  I continue to work this job for my family; two precious girls whom I love more than I could have guessed and continue to belabor myself for us; and don’t get me wrong; personally, I’m happier than I would have ever predicted when I was younger; professionally i’m fine until i’m looked down on or disrespected.

I’m now in charge of training someone what I know who just started, who will be doing essentially my job for a short time period, then move on; and it hit me like a Tom Brady pass to the chest this morning; this person who knows nothing will eventually make more money and get more opportunities than I will.  And that sucks.  And is downright shit.  So today I spoke up.  I’m perfectly capable of doing anything this person can and more because I’ve been a loyal employee for a very long time.  If you think I’m the only one in my company, in my department, in my area even that feels this way, you’re insanely mistaken.  And I venture to guess there are many more people like this out there.

Should my anger be vented at this new person, who already gave me that same look of disrespect?  Should it be pointed at my boss, who is perhaps the most caring, helpful and supportive boss I’ve ever worked with?  at his boss, who has no idea I would feel this way, but am quite sure knows there are more angry about this same situation than me?  Or Myself- for being complacent with doing a great job and earning enough to get by, but not striving for something that may seem unattainable, not available or generally just unreachable?   or the system- I don’t know, all of them perhaps, perhaps just one.

All I know is I couldn’t take the hammer pounding me anymore today; so I spoke up.  Luckily in this equation , there is one factor that maybe even some of you unfortunate souls living in this situation don’t have: an ear to listen- my boss, who once again has shown me that there are good people in this corporate world we live in ready to give the outsider a chance.  We should get these chances; we have to fight for them; nothing i’m not used to, but we keep fighting, jumping hurdles, striving to maintain a somewhat decent lifestyle that my parent’s wallet, trust fund or bank account don’t cover.   We’re in this thing alone; just me and my family, as many others are and don’t ask for handouts, but ask for a shot to make better.   The balls in my court and i’m damn sure not dropping it now.  As for the people that try to hold you down once you put yourself out there, ignore them, palm them in the face and take it to the hoop , push on, for your yourself, your family, your own dignity and tell all the haters, the new people being handed an opportunity you had to work hard for, and miss family time for, that you won’t be held down forever.

just venting here, thanks for listening


2 thoughts on “Call to Arms, Fellow Mild-Mannered Employees:

  1. Just “face palm” them! 😀 Great rant! I enjoyed reading it, quite a bit. It reminded me of a time I work for a small company owned and operated by a family… and dare I say it.. there was nepotism. And need I say more?


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