Bubbles, Bonk & Boxxle (Game Boy)

Continuing my journey through the multi-releases on Game Boy…..

Bonk’s Adventure

Bonk is a tiny cave-boy who breaks things with his head.  Yep, That’s Nintendo for you back in the day.  You always need a character with a catch, and you found those in every platforming game.  Bonk , as the subject of that model, is just as fine as any other character; it’s all about the mechanics of how he works.  His jump is good; he can even cling to walls with his teeth.  His headbutt is generally spot on for hit detection.  So he controls perfectly fine.  This game then becomes subjective as to how much you care for it.  I thought it was a perfectly average type of game.

Playability- 6    Graphics- 3    Music- 4     Replay Value – 5.5    Originality 5.5    Final: 4%


Bonk’s Revenge

Bonk is back!   I was surprised by how much the game had stretched itself from the first one.  Bonk has a wide array of moves using his cranium this time, and more levels and situations where you need to practice those skills.  The graphics are a bit worse but the backgrounds and level designs are all over the place now; you’re not just in the jungle; you’re actually in space at one point.

I love that they took a property and tried to grow it into a more complex game engine and it really works

Playability- 6.5      Graphics- 2.5    Music- 4      Replay Value  5     Originality- 7    Final: 50%



This game opens with a non-descript looking farmer guy gets his beauty kidnapped by…..someone?   Then you’re in a puzzle with enclosed walls and 4 boxes; you have to make a series of moves to push these boxes into their finishing slots then you can move onto the next puzzle.  The boxes will only fit in one way so you have to figure out the exact sequence and path to put these boxes in.

The game looks sub-par on every level but it’s addicting as hell! I kept going and going, my family in fact joined me as we brainstormed over one particular puzzle for a good 30 minutes before figuring it out.   I hit the controls score hard because the boxes are touchy and the slightest over-movement will make your guy push them one space too far, then you have to start over.

Playability- 4.5     Graphics- 4    Music- 4.5     Replay Value 10    Originality- 8.5     Final: 63%


Boxxle II

Ain’t much different here , and that’s not a bad thing.  It’s a sequel and the graphics aren’t any better but there is catchier music this time around.  More challenging puzzles await.  Play it; keeps the brain sharp.

playability- 4.5     Graphics- 3.5     Music- 5      Replay Value 10    Originality- 7   Final: 60%


Bubble Bobble & Bubble Bobble Part II

Everyone remembers this fun game for the Nintendo where you can float around the board collecting items to move onto the next, using bubbles to pop your enemies; there isn’t much difference between these two but they still remain very fun and inventive games;.  I’m anxious to play the NES versions with the colors and characters brought to more to life.


playability- 5     Graphics- 6     Music- 9    Replay value- 7    Originality 8.5    Final: 71%


Playability- 6    Graphics- 6.5    Music- 5     Replay Value   5    Originality 4.5    Final   54%


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