Hardest NES Games

This subject is up for opinion; but these are some of the toughest games I’ve come across on Nintendo.

Back to the Future

What a ridiculous game for such a legendary movie.  The basis of the levels is to collect clocks and avoid every manner of strange enemy imaginable (seriously a weightlifter from the 40’s?) on the street as you maneuver to the landmarks on your map.  You know what’s really annoying in a game ?  Where you have no control over moving or not moving.  Guess what this game does?  You never stop moving!  It’s a lot like Paperboy but at least you have a goal there. Once you get through a few of these stages, you get to go into a malt shop.  But, what you’re supposed to do there, I have no idea.

I watched an episode of Angry Video Game Nerd where he discussed this game, and apparently you have to throw milkshakes at the guys coming after you; and it’s not 1 or 2; it’s 50!  Completely absurd.


Playability- 2

Graphics- 3

Music- 2.5

Replay Value 4.5

Originality 3

Final: 30%



Without the Contra Code, forget about it.  This game’s so damn fun though you can’t stop playing it.  Sometimes I’ll give a really hard game a high score for Replay Value because either you just want to see what’s on the other side of whatever level you’re stuck on or the game’s just good but very hard and you want to keep going.  Contra is like that.  I love the variety of stages and enemies on it; the last few levels are crazy hard and so are some of the bosses.

With the Contra Code, this game becomes a classic because you have the freedom to play a little more fast and loose with your jumps and shooting.


Playability- 6

Graphics- 6

Music- 8

Replay Value- 7.5

Originality- 10

Final: 75%


Ghosts n’ Goblins

Just forget about it.  If you lose the armor, forget even more about it.  This game’s impossible to make it through.  Too many enemies (like the flying red devil) just dismantle you whenever you get near it.  I want to like this game because the graphics and backstory are so cool but it’s just too damn unforgiving to let you get anywhere.

And if you’ve ever looked anything about this game up, you know to finish it, once you get to the end, you have to replay the whole game before getting to fight the final boss.  What a big F U to the player.  No Thanks.


Playabiity- 2.5

Graphics- 4.5

Music- 7

Replay Value – 2

Originality- 1

Final: 34%


Silver Surfer

Based on the Marvel Comics property, this space age surfer traverses an endless array of cosmic threats in this exciting adventure only on Nintendo!

That sounded like a good pitch huh?

What it should really describe is you never stop moving (like Back to the Future), you glide through a gauntlet of enemies, bullets and deadly pieces of land all around you, all the while maneuvering through them trying to avoid being hit once, even grazed by any piece of the game while trying to defend yourself. It’s a tall task for any gamer; but the cruel joke of having one hit point, just a single mistake and it’s curtains and back to the beginning for you.  If you had a decent amount of life, this would be just be an annoying game; but to make players hinge everything on one hit, when the screen is riddled with shit everywhere, you can’t even touch the tops and bottoms of the screen or you’re done.  Suffice to say, this game is utterly crap.


Playability- 1

Graphics- 4

Music- 3.5

Replay Value- 0

Originalit- 5

Final: 27%


Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

I treasured this movie as a kid, so it was only natural for me to want to rent the NES game and explore the world of characters I came to love from the film.

This is not what I was hoping for.  This game sucks really badly.  First it’s the searching.  There are at least 4 places in every single room of every single building you need to search to find items.  And it takes forever.

Then there are the animals; even freakin cats can kill you.  And these things are aggressive.  Sometimes if an animal kills you , they put you right back in the same sidewalk it killed you and it keeps coming back, more deadly each time.  It’s ridiculous.

There isn’t much to like about this game at all and it’s way too hard for a game a lot of kids would have been interested in playing.


Playability- 1.5

Graphics- 5

Music- 2.5

Replay Value- 3

Originality- 2.5

Final: 29%



This one could be the hardest in a lot of ways.  First I hate the way the ‘Toads slide everywhere; their movement is awful.  Then there’s the second board; the dreaded “Turbo Tunnel” as they call it  It’s damn near impossible to get through this part.  Go online and search it out;  you’ll see. Or better yet, attempt it yourself and see how far you get. And I’ve played past that level; there’s much more to fear than that.  Wait til you arrive at the surfing part.

The worst thing about this game is the 2 player mode.  Try playing the Turbo Tunnel in that.  Not to mention the fact that you can hurt your teammate as the game plays.  If you are doing a combo and get too close to your partner, you’ll hit them!  It’s got to be one of the most frustrating 2 player games every made.

And I hate the cliffs; if you move too far down anywhere on screen, you’re a goner.  But, this game is fun despite it’s inherent difficulty and the music kicks major ass.


Playability- 6

Graphics- 6

Music- 9

Replay Value- 6

Originality- 6

Final :66%


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