Atari Marathon Madness 2!! (More Madness!!)


You don’t get any more classic than this: when you pick up Frogger, after all this time it’s still hard!  Well, once you get past the first few screens.  Once this game ramps up, it’s just insane but a good, fun insane.  That sound effect is still classic of hopping across each lane as you try to traverse your Frog Family of Five through the busy highway and across the water.  Anyone who hasn’t played this game, stop whatever you are doing and experience history.

Playability- 8.5    Graphics- 5   Music- 8    Replay Value 10    Originality  8.5    Final: 80%


Frogger II- Threedeep!

Frogger had a sequel?!   And it had a bad secondary title?!  What the what?

So, immediately I think this will be a re-colored re-hash- but it’s the same mechanic (trying to get a frog across a busy area) but it’s completely different; you’re in the ocean and there are many new obstacles in your way.  It takes what works and doesn’t fix it; it just changes it to give you a different experience with all the same Frogger fun still there. I took off a bit of points because graphics wise, it looks no different than the original and should have improved a bit.

Playability- 7.5    Graphics- 4.5    Music- 6.5    Replay Value  7.   Originality- 9   Final: 70%



There’s something raw and visceral about two quasi-human looking things just taking turns kicking (I think) and punching (maybe?) each other over and over again; that’s the game.  It became my new obsession for like 45 mins.

Playability- 6.5     Graphics- 2    Music  .5     Replay Value8      Originality 7    Final: 48%


Snoopy and the Red Baron

Some Money got put into the graphics division of this one!  It looks so clean for an Atari game; you can clearly make out every sprite on the screen and it feels like this was like a preview of what was to come for the way games looked.  Gameplay it’s very Atari; one goal done over and over again ad nauseum until you finally just die from boredom.   Music was really catchy too.

Playability- 5.      Graphics- 7.5      Music- 8      Replay Value 5     Originality- 3   Final: 58%



This game is pretty close to Slalom I just played; and this was way older.  Controls could be better, but its playable.

Playability- 5      Graphics- 2     Music- 0      Replay Value 6     Originality 2    Final: 30%


Tooth Protector

What the hell is going on here?   I almost thought this was going to be a Decay game I played as a kid but it was nothing like it.  Horrible graphics and no sound made this a stinker.

Playability- 1     Graphics- 2     Music- 0    Replay Value  .5     Originalit- 4    Final: 15%


Universal Proto

I couldn’t get this game to do anything; after several resets and mashing every button available, it looked like it was a racing game but who knows?

Playability- 0      Graphics- 2.5     Music   .5     Replay Value 0     Originality   .5     Final: 7 %



It’s weird to play one player Yahtzee; essentially you have a whole list of categories and depending on your dice roll, you have to fill them all in (like if I rolled 3 6’s, 2 4’s and a 5, I have to decide if I”m filling in my 6’s line or 3 of a kind).   It got really fun after a while as I like the board game but I think human interaction is more conducive to a fun experience Yahtzee’ing.

Playability- 4      Graphics- 1     Music- 0     Replay Value   9.5    Originality 5    Final: 39%


Yar’s Revenge

This is a game I never had as a kid; so playing it now really opened my eyes.  First, I love the color nexus in the middle of the screen; I love how it works and looks.  I love the sound effects; they’re so Atari-licious.  I love the ambient noise the game produces;  I love the mechanics where it’s a bit like Space Invaders but with extra added elements to make it it’s own unique game experience.  This game is a home run ( I say as everyone else has known this for over 30 years)

Playability- 9     Graphics 9.5    Music/ Sound  8.5    Replay Value   9.5     Originality   7.5  Final: 88%


Crazy Balloon

Another fun game where you’re guiding balloons through a maze without popping them.  Sort of like an early puzzle game.  There’s some tough boards on this one.

Playbility- 6.5    Graphics 3    Sound   3.5      Replay Value 7.5    Originality   7     Final: 55%


Criminal Pursuit

Oh, fuck this is Teddy Apple all over again- it’s the same shitty game, I’m not kidding. Hurt my eyes and soul just to look at this.

Playability- 2      Graphics  1     Sound   .5    Replay Value 0    Originality- 0     Final: .07%


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