F-Zero (SNES) & 4 Other SNES games

F-Zero was awesome (sorry, present tense) still awesome; the graphics were so futuristic to me as a kid and they still pop like 4th of July to me now.  This is a straight up racing game; no 2 ways about it but it’s really innovative as it’s the first racing game with a health meter.  Which really annoyed me at the time because it was one more thing to worry about but it adds depth to the game and strategy.  It also has the most important aspect of a racing game: SPEED! And in spades.  This game moves fast and the track changes fast.  To keep up is part of the growing pains of playing F-Zero but getting good at the game is it’s own reward because it’s so damn fun to keep playing.


Playability- 9    Graphics- 7    Music- 7.5    Replay Value 9   Originality- 8    Final: 81%


Frantic Flea

Thought this looked cute- my daughter wanted to play an animal game; boy were we wrong!  The goal is to collect as many of your flea pals as the level requires- they are scattered randomly and there are enemies everywhere; one hit and you lose all that you had.  This game had me in a frantic panic and not in a good way.  the Flea is too jittery in his movements and tough to control.  The game itself looked amazing but playing this game would be as appealing as choosing a flea as a pet over any other cuddly animal starring in their own game.


Playability- 3    Graphics- 8   Music- 7.5    Replay Value 2    Originality- 5    51%


The Great Circus Mystery starring Mickey and Minnie

This game is titled as a mystery; it’s more about costume changes than finding clues.  It’s another cutesy side-scroller and like most Disney games, it looks really good, especially this one.  It has graphics that look Game Cube quality, almost a cel-shaded kind of look. Character models become fuzzier but the backgrounds look just amazing.  And every word on the screen is written in that Disney-font.

Hows’ the game itself?  Nothing new in platforming but it’s still harmlessly fun and not altogether hard, despite you’re limited attacks.  You get clever boss fights every other level and each level is not laid out the same.  It has a lot of qualities of Land of Illusion.  All in all, we kept playing this one for a while due to it’s fun factor.

Playability- 6.5       Graphics- 9.5     Music- 5      Replay Value 7.5     Originality- 3     63%


Magic Johnson’s Super Slam Dunk

Before a game starts, you get a talking head graphic of Magic himself discussing the finer points of the game you’re about to play; it looks like he’s starring in a Japanese samurai movie.  That aside….

There’s no center court action!  Once your team gets control of the ball, you’re shooting- you have no room or time for a pass game and can’t set up any decent shots because once it’s switched back to one side of the court or the other, all your guys are bunched up together (opposing team and yourself) and it’s a cluster.


Playability 6      Graphics- 4     Music- 1    Replay Value  5    Originality- 3   Final: 38%


Street Combat

If you hadn’t guessed by now, it’s a Street Fighter ripoff but in the worst way.  The graphics are far, far behind but still okay for a Super NES title.  The controls of the fighters, far less fun and they all move in a herky-jerky fashion.  And the characters chosen:  whoa boy- winners such as Steven (great name- with a couffier that is scary), Dozo (world’s most depressing clown) Helmut (dumb robot) and your final boss, the man who strikes terror into your heart, C.J.  Yeah, his name is C.J.

It’s still fun in a strange, cult, “this is so bad it’s good- almost” way.


Playability- 4.5    Graphics- 5    Music- 4     Replay Value   6.5     Orginality- 1  Final: 42%


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