Sega Master System Game Reviews

The Sega Master System is something I’ve never played before; it was a system I didn’t know about until I was much older, as my only exposure to Sega was getting a Genesis a couple years after it had come out.  So being able to discover what the Master System offered is a fun time.  It’s got a lot of the same games but just older graphics and style of play.  I’m going to a review a few series of games with more than 1 title in it’s family:

First is Zillion & Zillion II


Playability/Controls- 3.5

Graphics- 3.5

Music/Sound 4

Replay Value 3

Originality- 6

*This game came packed with a really futuristic out there back story and revolved around a series of codes to input into different computers.  This is a game best played with pencil and paper, which I didn’t realize.  I wanted to like it more but you have too little life and everything seems to hit you, despite your best efforts to avoid it.  This is a really creative story for a game of this time.

Zillion II

Playability/Controls- 2

Graphics- 4.5

Music/Sound- 4

Replay Value- 2

Originality- 2

Final: 34%

***in a sequel, you always want what you had in the first game, that warranted the sequel plus more features and updated graphics, and sound.  We had the graphics and sound but the control was even worse.  This game didn’t have any of the puzzle solving and codes as the first, maybe to it’s better, but it just played like an below average shooter game.


World Cup Italia ’90 & World Cup USA ’94

I was excited to tour the nations and play as some of the greatest assemblages of international futbol stars the world has known but unfortunately the characters are so little you can’t make anyone out.  There’s no music and not much grunting, or kicking, sounds you associate with soccer.  The game play is pretty average and controls well for having so many characters on the screen and I love the before-match stuff with the graphics and such.  It’s a pretty straight forward game.

The sequel was a lot more fun to play, as the action is so much more frantic but the graphics look even more blurry, the sounds are even less present and the game engine looks to be identical to the last game.



PLayability- 5   Graphics   2.5     Music   3    Replay Value  3     Originality  5.5



Playability   6.5    Graphics 2    Music   1    Replay Value   5    Originality 1


Wimbledon & Wimbledon II

The pinnacle of champions In the Tennis world has it’s own game.  These were marketed in Europe only with no US release; was that a good thing?

The first one gives you tons of options such as your player (complete with unique scores for power, speed and technique) as well as what kind of court you want to play on.  I picked both an average player for myself and my opponent.  It was not a good start; I kept faulting during my serve. It took me a minute to get my angles down on that but after that, my opponent decimated me badly. I switched myself to a top level player and gave my opponent a wimp.  The game responded exactly the same; blocking my every serve, being in the way of every volley and just generally being quicker than I could react. This was no fun.

The sequel at least slowed down the serve, let you actually follow the action, but again, the interface was identical, players scores nearly the same and no one I used or played against showed any sign of difference in play style (despite having individual scores).


Scores: Playability- 1.5   Graphics  3   Music 5   Replay Value  2   Originality   2     Final: 27%

Wimbledown II

Scores: Playability 2.5    Graphics   2.5   Music   4   Replay Value   4.5   Originality 1    final 29%


Terminator Series:


You’re Kyle Reese battling against the evil Skynet empire; the background is laid out nicely in a opening montage before the game begins.  You are being shot at from every angle, but you’re too tall to duck properly so you’re always taking damage.  And you’re so little!  It’s a basic side-scroller with nothing special about it at all.


Playability/Control- 3.5    Graphics- 4    Music/Sound- 2.5    Replay Value- 3    Originality- 1   Final: 28%

T2: Judgment Day

This time, you’re Ah-nald, but the time doesn’t make sense because you already have the leather jacket and shades; but you’re fighting off truckers and bar patrons, so it’s after he get the gear and before you leave the bar?

Kind of fun to just punch, as you don’t have a weapon yet but again, you’re like the shrunken version of Terminator- you’re microscopic.  It’s so easy in the beginning it’s not fun, then you fight a mini-boss and one hit takes away half your life meter.  I hate these wishy-washy type games.


Playability- 4        Graphics- 3.5       Music- 3.5    Replay Value – 2    Originality- 2    Final: 30%

T2: The Arcade Game

In the Arcade, this game was balls to the wall fun; on home console, not so much.  the Graphics are all washed out; looks like crap.  The shooting feature isn’t very accurate, either.

Playability- 5   Graphics- 4.5    Music- 2.5    Replay Value- 3    Originality- 5   Final: 40%

Tecmo World Cup ’92

Who knew Soccer could be so fun? and have so many points?  This game handles just like what you want in a soccer game; easy switching between players, quick to learn game play and all the sights and sounds of a raucous soccer match, if you’re into that kind of thing.  Believe this was a European game, but if not, let me know.   Also played the ’93 version which had exactly the same opening, the same graphics, same menu, same gameplay, okay it was identical; so I shaved off points on that one because they could have tried to improve on their great base but chose to re-use old material.

Total for ’92: 64%

Total for ’93: 50%


I remembered playing this at my cousins’ house as a kid and liking it; it’s based off a Warner Brothers cartoon where Taz was the lead character instead of just a supporting player like in most Looney Tunes shows.  The controls were hard to get used to at first because if you land on an object (say a lit bomb) Taz eats it.  I couldn’t figure out how to get around these things without taking damage but it’s the spin move.  I played pretty far into this game and the it never got old; honing my Taz-skills as I went.  It has a goofy vibe but I liked that about it.


Playability- 7    Graphics- 5.5     Music- 5.5     Replay Value  7.5    Originality 4.5    Final: 60%

Taz in Escape from Mars

I guess this was the sequel’ if not it’s a brother to Taz-Mania because you have the same controls and the same pickups as the first game.  But, as soon as you start level 1, you notice a massive difference.  There’s too much going on.  The screen is jumping constantly because there are so many enemies on the screen, and becomes pixelated and moving in slow motion.  It drags down the play for sure.

But this game isn’t as fun regardless; You’re constantly moving in and out of these cages and tubes, so you’re obscured a lot and can’t see any of the backgrounds; plus, hit detection and enemies are ridiculous; I got killed by Daffy Duck at one point and he was just standing there.  I kept trying to speak to him or something and I was like “Is he hurting me?  is a standing Daffy Duck dealing me damage?”  It makes no sense.

Playability- 3.5     Graphics- 4.5     Music- 3.5     Replay Value  2    Originality 5    Final: 37%


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