Battletoads (Game Boy) Series

This time I tackled 3 Game Boy games featuring Rash, Zitz and Pimple, the Battletoads!   If you are not familiar with the Battletoads, they first appeared on the NES in a game still feared by all gamers old enough to remember how damn hard that game was.  Especially the Jet Bike stages.  So, let’s see what the Game Boy versions had to offer.


So, this game plays a lot like the original Battletoads, with the tough to take down enemies, the fun attacks the ‘Toads themselves can do (like their hands and feet becoming literal weapons themselves during combos) and beat-em up style the game is known for.  I got fairly far in this; but man just like the original, once the enemies get a hold of you, there’s not much you can do to get away.  On the second level, a flying machine boss would hit me, and take away half my life in one hit.  What do you do with that?
There is a Jet Bike sequence, but it wasn’t nearly as difficult as the original game.  The graphics are pretty okay for Game Boy and this game was definitley made in the vein of Battletoads but not nearly as frustrating.


Playability – 5.5    Graphics- 4    Music  7.5   Replay Value  6    Originality 4   final: 54%


Battletoads in Ragnarok’s World

THIS IS IT.  The sequel to the first Game Boy version is the port from the Nintendo.  The jet Bikes are here.  The brutal enemies are here.

You know what else I always hated about this game; the way the Toads themselves move.  The bottoms of the board don’t meet flush with the screen; you can fall off the bottom just doing a combo. And the Toads’ move across the levels like their all ice or something.  It’s really annoying.  The Controls on this are identical to Nintendo and that’s a terrible, bad thing.


Playability- 3.5    Graphics- 4    Music- 6.5    Replay Value   4.5    Originality- 2    Final: 41%


Battletoads and Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team-Up

This was the idea that kinda sorta redeemed the ‘Toads as they were always likeable characters; even if they were a complete rip -off the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  But teaming them up with everyone’s favorite battlin’ brothers, Billy & Jimmy Lee, really swung favoritism in their favor.  I picked Pimple first as my daughter was watching me play.

The enemies on this game are loads easier; they’re almost like beating dummies and the gameplay is much more forgiving than Battletoads but also kind of monotonous and boring.  There’s a good mix of past enemies from both franchises which is pretty fun.

I next picked Billy and it’s weird to see him so large on the screen, even seeing details in his jacket and stuff.  The brothers seem a little less powerful than the Toads to me, but with their own variety of cool moves.  It’s weird seeing Billy on a hover bike too.   I think the SNES version will be much more engaging as this is one example of the monochromatic color scheme of the Game Boy making this game a lot less exciting.


Playability- 6.5     Graphics- 4    Music- 4     Replay Value – 5    Originality  7     Final: 53%


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