Sonic 3D Blast (Sega Genesis) & 4 Other Sega Genesis Games

Kind of jumping out of order, but Sonic maintains status quo so far on Sega as having really fun and interesting games, with different mechanics but that still keeps play interesting.  This was Sonic’s first foray into these graphics; moving on a three dimensional board instead of just a linear side-scrolling one.  This game doesn’t capture the all -out frenetic madness you can get with Sonic and his built up speed, but you get little pieces of it. And on these boards, which can get confusing with the camera and sometimes blocky graphics , you don’t want to lose control.  You have to collect so many rings to keep advancing to the next stage, but don’t worry not many of the obstacles or enemies are that difficult.  It’s a fun game and a worthy addition to the Sonic library. Scores: Playability- 7.5 Graphics- 6 Music- 5.5 Replay Value- 6 Originality- 8 FInal: 66% ============================================================================================== Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse My friend from work suggested I play World of Illusion but seeing there were more entries to this series, I started with the original entry.

It’s a simple game and I found myself trying out all the different modes: practice, normal and hard.  Practice is a shortened version of the game, very kid friendly.  Normal amps up the levels and gives you a boss and Hard amps up that level of toughness.  it’s a cool system that very much reminds me of the old days of gaming where you had to play higher difficulty to see everything.  The game looks very cool, great backgrounds, each distinct and very colorful.  A ton of care and work was put into the design, while making the game play simple enough for anyone to pick up.  I’m excited to try the other games in this series.

Scores: Playability- 8 Graphics- 7 Music- 7 Replay Value – 9.5 Originality- 8.5 Final: 80% ============================================================================================= The Gadget Twins

You’re 2 cartoon airplanes.  Ok, I can get behind this.  Oh, man this sucks.  You can shoot any direction, up,down, east west, but before you can, you have to realign your shot and press the direction you want to shoot to set it up, then you can shoot that direction.  This sucks because the board moves you; it pushes you in the direction the board is moving and enemies are coming right at you, so you have no control over how much room you have to shoot so you can adjust your shot to the direction you need.  You wouldn’t think a cartoon airplane game would be so brutal.

Scores: Playbility- 2.5 Graphics- 7 Music- 5.5 Replay Value- 5.5 Originality- 3 Final: 47% =========================================================================================== NBA Showcase ’94

When NBA Jam hit the market, basketball games had found their standard bearer.  But, was anyone talking about this game?  First, the game does all it can to help set the stage for your upcoming game, by giving stats, talking strategy (i’m talking about specific players) and what intricacies will play out on the court. Now of course, once you get to the game, it’s all AI v. player so none of that matters but it’s cool they tried that.

The game is fun in exactly the same way NBA Jam is; you can switch from player to player and they can all perform the same moves, dribble, pass, steal, shoot, and each has their own set of stats to which determine your varying degree of success.  You want intuitive when you play a sports game or all is lost because once you think of what to do, you want the game to react to your command, and this game does that nearly 9/10 so it’s a winner in my book.

Scores: Playability- 7.5 Graphics- 6.5 Music- 7 Replay Value- 8.5 Originality- 9 Final: 77% =====================================================================================

Spider-Man & X-Men: Arcade’s Revenge

Cool concept of a game; remember playing this as a kid and hating it because it’s pretty damn hard, depending on what character you pick to play.  Replay value is ranked lower than you would think for having the chance to pick out of 5 diff. characters (spider-man, wolverine, storm, cyclops & gambit_) only because once the game is over, you have to play through this ultra-tedious Spider-Man stage where you have to collect these items all in a certain order and it’s BORING as s***.

Once you play the characters, the game picks up but depending on who you’re using, fun levels vary.  Spider-Man is fun, controls aren’t as great as most Spider-Man games, Wolverine is cool except you have to choose whether or not to use your claws.  I hated Storm’s first stage, a swimming stage, which can be the bane of most players.  Going to play through this one again on Super NES but it’s kind of a dud so far.

Scores: Playability- 4.5 Graphics- 4 Music- 5 Replay Value- 5.5 Originality- 7 Final: 52%


Sega Genesis Rankings: – Sonic the Hedgehog   91% – Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse   80% – NBA Showdown ’94   77% – Decap Attack  71% – Ghostbusters  71% – Golden Axe  70% – Sonic 3D Blast   66% – Golden Axe II  62% – Berenstein Bears: Camping Adventure   61% – The Simpsons: Bart’s Nightmare- 59% – Spider-Man & the X-Men: Arcade’s Revenge   52% – Zoop  50% – Laser Ghost   50% – Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle  49% – Cliffhanger   47% – The Gadget Twins  47% – Enduro Racer  44% – Technocop   37% – Jennifer Capriati Tennis   36% – Pit Fighter  36% – Shadow of the Beast  26% – F-117 Night Storm  22%


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