Kid Icarus, Paperboy, Gradius & Super Mario Bros/ Duck Hunt (Nintendo)

Playability- 6.5    Graphics- 5    Music- 9    Replay Value  5.5   Originality- 10   Final: 72%

Kid Icarus was a game I always wanted to be good at as a kid but it was just too damn hard.  I always loved the layout of the stages, you’re constantly moving up wards the whole time, fending off enemy after enemy , trying not to be turned into an eggplant.  The way you can move off screen and come back on the other side was also another cool feature.

Why did Pit have wings and not fly?  well, once you build up your items you can.  But, I never got that far. I don’t even think I managed to make it to a maze stage.  So, I tried again on this game and got to 2-1 and that was it.  So, I found some cheats and managed to play through the whole game; which is a life long dream.   The game is still ridiculously hard with cheats though.


Playability- 3.5    Graphics- 4.5    Music- 6    Replay Value 7.5    Originality- 9.5    Final: 62%

Paperboy is one of those frustrating games I couldn’t stop playing as a kid.  The goal is simple: you’re an actual f’n paperboy and you have a route.  But, everything on the screen can kill you, from angry housewives, to breakdancing fools on the sidewalk to the sewer grates.  Yep, even the sewer grates. Plus you can run out of papers.  And time.  This game is a son of a bitch.  But, it’s somehow addicting.  And those training courses at the end? Yikes.


Playability- 6    Graphics- 5.5    Music- 5.5     Replay Value 6    Originality 3.5    Final: 53%

Gradius is like the modern (at the time) version of Galaxian or any number of space Atari games.  You’re flying along horizontally and shooting everything in your way, with upgrades coming along as you progress in the game.  There’s not much else to say about it; it has the same appeal every other flying shooter game you grew up on had, just with better graphics.


Playability- 9    Graphics- 5.5    Music- 10    Replay Value 10    Originality 8   Final: 85%

Super Mario Bros. came packaged with everything.  Duck Hunt is just the fun game that you played with your packed in Light Gun when you bought a Nintendo.  (Universal Question Time: Did you get the gray gun or Orange?)   It’s super fun shooting those ducks but if you don’t, all you want to do is shoot that damn laughing dog dead and wear his hide as a symbol of you taking his power.  But, of course you zap over and over and over and over and over and over at him, as he laughs, and nothing happens.

This package got just a slight bump from the normal Super Mario Bros. cart because of the added and sometimes frustrating fun of Duck Hunt.


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