And I Found more old Poetry!


You felt it,

for the last time

the sun bleached your bed sheets

my heart crept from your nightstand

dripping blood bubbles

you hold water in your hand

hoping to wash away your own fingerprints

not knowing that everywhere you’ve been keeps a piece of you

cry sadly to tissue

face frozen like Novocaine

takes time to heal pain

kisses, like chocolate

the warmth of your gaze

you stretch out, to bend your head

I face the window

lonely as I’ll ever be

truly wanting more words to hear

composing my self

cool air in my lungs

the thirst of everyday

testing the limits of the very boundaries of Earth

and drowning

you felt it,

for the last time


Your Habits

You have owl eyes, curious eyes, wondrous eyes

peaceful look to them, you don’t live here again

dry mouth, tasty mouth, quivering lips

your pace is hard to keep up with

I hate the way you drink wine

soft hands, desirable hands

I love the way you live


It Rains When You’re Lost in the Desert

There are no ants in the sand

it’s futile, to go back where you began

walk for miles, thinking the whole way

eat all you have to prevent decay

dust clouds storm all your present skies

journey of lows, failure of highs

see the empty surrounding you

watch it black so much into blue

sandwiched between heaven and land

there are no answers in the sand

electrical bolts whisper above your steps

and the rain fell like a turtle crept

present course abandoned for your sake

your head wobbles from a brain earthquake

forget all you brought with you

from your soul, down to your shoes

the blood coagulates , you search, as it expands

there is no water in this sand


You Get Your Own Set of Rules


it’s the word I say when we speak

but not the work I think when we meet


a description of your own advice

I don’t think you hurt anyone when you like

I remember

all you secrets, all three of them

I know you hate them,

so this is no sappy love poem

it’s an inspired work

even if it is about a hypocritical, picky liar

I love to listen to you

if you wan to talk, cry or shout

I just want you to know

you’re the one person I care about


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