Street Fighter II (Super Nintendo) & 4 other SNES Games


Those 2 epic words always signaled the beginning of an electric 3 minutes where you would pound your buttons, curve around your D-Pad and try to avoid those fiery projectiles.  It’s Street Fighter II.

The Arcade version was intense enough; when you had to pay money to keep the fight going, running up against Vega’s ridiculous manuervability, and Sagat’s never ending Tiger uppercuts.  To bring that level of intensity and well-crafted button mashing to home consoles was another story.

With all these classic multi-platform games, everyone has their favorite system to play on.  For Street Fighter II, mine was Super NES.  I’m sure I’ll give it higher marks on this system than Sega Genesis, in all of it’s incarnations.  Ken’s moves were so engrained onto my brain pattern on the SNES controller, re-playing him here was like getting back on a 10-speed. We used to chart every character versus every other character and see who had the better winning percentage with what character, playing endless combinations until the morning light peeked over the horizon.  I only have fond memories of this game.

And when you look at it now, sure, fighting games have come a long way; Street Figher 5 and Mortal Kombat 10 both have exceeded our wildest imaginations of what exactly a fighting game could entail; but the backgrounds, the theme songs for each character, the path well traveled through Bison’s minions, only to face off against the big bad himself, Mr. M. Bison, foot -stomping on our heads, this game represents everything that’s great about growing up a gamer.


Playability/Controls- 10

Graphics- 8.5

Music- 8

Replay Value 10

Originality- 10

Final: 93%


3 Ninjas Kick Back

Speaking of fighters, this movie was a popular short-run movie series with 3 children training to be ninjas under the tutelage of none other than Egg-Shan (from the Big Trouble in LIttle China!)  And they made a game out of it.  I wasn’t all psyched to play it honestly.  Right out the gate, as soon as you hit the ground, a giant boulder comes rolling along and kills you.  You have to jump out of the tree, then back into it to avoid the boulders.  There’s all sorts of dumb things like that waiting t kill you around every corner.  These were exactly the type of games I hated renting as a kid.

Playability- 3.5

Graphics- 5.5

Music- 4

Replay Value 1.5

Originality- 2

Final: 33%


Lethal Weapon

Hold on, this got a game?   The Lethal Weapon movies, let’s be honest, they were pretty damn cool in their time. Me and my friends had all sorts of funny bits we liked to renact from the movies; Riggs jamming his dislocated shoulder back into place, Murtaugh sitting on a bomb toilet yelling “Will it to me , Riggs!”  But, never did I see a game being made out of this.

You start off as Riggs, and he can do karate kicks and such, but you follow the plot of one of the movies (4, maybe?) where you need to go down to the docks and stop a drug buy.  For some reason, your character is really tiny.  You get a gun though and a good amount of life.  The controls are easy and the enemies are a plenty and it’s one of those games where everything you touch deals damage to you- so frustrating.  I Had a hell of a time getting through that first stage.  There’s a strange part where the dock breaks up into 2 sections and there’s water in between it.  If you fall in that water, there’s 2 Great White Sharks waiting for you?  Haha, so absurd that they would be waiting at the surface (that’s just the shark enthusiast in me.)  The game’s not bad; once you lose all your lives with Riggs, Murtaugh subs in and he’s noticeably slower.  I played for a bit but was ready to move on.

Playability/ Controls- 1.5

Graphics- 2.5

Music- 3.5

Replay Value- 3

Originality- 1

Final: 23%



This is a pool game.  It’s fun.  The graphics are pretty good.  You play it exactly like pool so if you like pool, you’ll like this game. If you don’t, then you probably wont’ and should just avoid.


Playability 7

Graphics- 6

Music- 6

Replay Value- 7

Originality- 4

Final: 60%



“There is no Dana; only Zool!”   No, this is not a spin-off starring Dana’s demon supplant. It’s actually a game where you play a ninja fighting through a candy world.  I’m not shitting you.  It’s a fun game.  If it wasn’t so fun and whimsical, I’d probably hate it a lot more because stuff be everywhere!  The game looks pretty amazing; it has it’s own art style which is really cool and fun to look at.

Playability- 4.5

Graphics- 6

Music/Sound- 3

Replay Value- 4

Originality- 7.5

Final: 50%

Super Nintendo Rankings:

– Street Fighter II   93%
– Starblazer   73%
– Sidepocket   60%
– 2020 Super Baseball  61%
– Zool   50%
– Zoop   49%
– 3 Ninjas Kick Back   33%
– Lethal Weapon  23%


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