Game Gear Reviews

I have to be honest; I won’t review much Game Gear stuff because I didn’t like the system.  Sure, it was the Game Boy’s better (at least on the surface) because it was bigger, better screen and in color.  But, it comes at a price. The Game Gear’s controls I never liked; Game Boy was perfect to hold, didn’t feel like too much.  Also, sure it was in color, but the graphics were just terrible and had less clarity than Game Boy games.  That said, I played 3 games for it and wanted to write quickly about them.


Captain America and the Avengers

I revere this game- and a co-op review with my cousin Chris will be forthcoming.  But, before that, thought I’d take a peek at the game on Genesis’ shorter cousin.

I choose Hawkeye (as always) and immediately feel nausea because this doesn’t come close to resembling the beloved Genesis version.  The weapons seem more limited, the jumps shorter and the levels are just pixellated messes.  I don’ play long before moving on.


Playability/ Controls: 3.5

Graphics- 1.5

Music- 5

Replay Value- 2

Originality- 1

Final: 26%


Cool Spot

Would you believe in the 90’s 7-Up (yes, the soda) had a mascot that was the red dot from their logo, but this one wore sunglasses and had appendages?  It’s true. Not only that, he got his own game.  And it’s actually fun.  The graphics here are a mile apart from the mess that was Avengers.  I mean, the game starts with Spot riding a 7-Up 20 oz. bottle?  Does it get better (or more 90’s) than that?

Spot’s fun to control; he’s got good jumps, and you don’t just die from every little hit you take as there are a myriad of enemies everywhere but plenty of goodies to grab along the way in the form of health and 1-ups.  The levels are really fun because Spot’s , well, tiny, so he’s maneuvering through clam shells, fences and bottles.  Really original idea and more fun than I thought the Game Gear capable of.


Playability- 6.5

Graphics- 6

Music- 5

Replay Value – 5

Originality- 7

Final: 59%


Double Dragon

Now this game is a classic.  Double Dragon was the original side scrolling beat-em-up and always more fun with a friend.  How was single player on Game Gear gonna measure up?

The controls are pretty much the same; jump, kick, pick up weapons.  But, again, everything’s so small, no character has a distinct face, or even a face for that matter.  It’s too blurry.  It seems to be a carbon copy of the original, at least in terms of the enemies you face and how you move through th level, but simplified.  The enemies are way too elusive though: they can often hide off-screen (and will lure you there) and just take their time beating you down.  Feels like playing the unusually cruel DD 3 for NES.   disappointed something as tried and true as Billy & JImmy Lee’s adventures pounding on bad guys could fall so far from the original concept.


Playability- 4.5

Graphics- 2.5

Music/Sound- 3

Reaply Value – 3.5

Originaliy- 1

Final: 29%


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