Batman Games for Game Boy

Lest not anyone think the Dark Knight himself hasn’t invaded every facet of the pop culture subconscious; if you’re talking about video games, look no further than Rockstar Games epic Arkham series.  It’s redefined in-game fighting systems and storytelling in a video game, not just for comic book character vehicles either.  But, before those games came along, Batman was known for having some of the most notoriously bad video games.  Doubt anyone looked at Game Boy though; so that’s what we’re doing today.

This one’s based off the movie and seems to follow the storyline closely as you enter the Chemical factory first on a tip from the police.  Batman looks like a tiny ant on the screen and instead of using any of his cool Bat-gadgets, you get a non-descript gun that fires out huge pellets that look like they came from George Washington’s musket.  If anyone knows anything about Batman, you know he doesn’t use guns!  Points off for that.

The jumping in the game feels very bat-like but other than that not much about this is too great.   Sadly, being this is a movie game, you don’t even hear the movie theme, which has become THE Batman theme.

Batman: The Videogame


Playability- 4.5

Graphics- 2.5

Music- 1.5

Replay Value- 6

Originality- 3.5


Batman: Return of the Joker

This sequel game got a version on every system of the day, capitalizing on the massive success the movie had, and the appeal of Jack Nicholson as the Joker.

Batman looks great on this game; fully clothed, dark layers and has the imposing size he was missing in the first game.  But, once you take a hit, a GAME OVER logo floats in like a ghost and it’s back to the beginning for you. Death nail for all games is having no life with which to do anything with.


Playability- 4

Graphics- 4

Music- 2.5

Replay Value – 1

Originality- 1.5


Batman Forever

Holy Balls- when you turn this on, the “characters” you see on screen look like melted wax versions of themselves.  Batman for some reason is constantly moving, back and forth, like a swaying lady in a church choir; He also does this weird back dip move as you’re moving him, and then he reminds me of a hippie losing his balance in a mud puddle.  This looks like it was ported to Game Boy from another system and they didn’t change a thing about it so the backgrounds and characters on screen are completely muddled and distorted.  It’s like trying to play a moving ink blot test.

The music is pretty haunting though and feels like it fits right at home for a Batman game.  Did nobody look at the end product and think “Gee, this don’t look good, boss.”


Playability- 5

Graphics- .5

Music- 4.5

Replay Value- 1.5

Originality- 1

Final: 24%


Batman: The Animated Series

Finally, something worth playing.

If you’re a child of the 90’s, then you know what Batman: The Animated Series is.  It’s the holy grail of cartoons; it’s a cartoon that treated kids like adults while still being fun and colorful.

This is actually the first game system to have a game for the show and it opens up with it’s own version of the opening of the show and it’s glorious.  And the music is there.

The gameplay is the closest to Batman I’ve played in any of these so far.  You can grapple around, bounce off walls, and punch bad guys.  What more do you want?  For such an old game, this one still holds up and the black and white of the Game Boy actually works when playing this.


Playability- 7.5

Graphics- 5

Music- 6.5

Replay Value- 7.5

Originality- 5

Final: 64%


4-in-1 Game Pack I & II

These included time – tested classics such as Chess, Checkers, Parchese, Dominos and other assorted games you can play at home.  Not going to talk about them much except to say the Chess had the toughest AI of any electronic chess game I’ve ever picked up.

I- Final: 32%

II- Final: 26%


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