Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Nintendo) & 4 Other NES games

For kids of the 90’s there was no more pinnacle of cool than the Turtles.  They were Tubular, Far-Out and Totally Awesome!  I can remember this being one of the first games I ever played for the Nintendo, and I believe it was an early release.  Oh, the frustration we felt as kids trying to get anywhere on this game.  It was so hard- and time hasn’t eased it’s ruthless demeanor. It’s just as hard as an adult.  There was one tried and true lesson about this game: don’t lose Leo or Don!  They have the longest weapon which can help you kill those pesky enemies cluttering over a ladder you have to climb to progress.  And what is with those enemies respawning differently every time you came into a room?

I don’t know if we ever made it through the 3rd level trying to destroy the barricades from the Foot Clan, but you almost deserved extra ice cream for just getting through the water level. Disarming those bombs (to a time limit) I may add was the most stress-inducing task many players had come across.  I believe this game gave me my first gray hair at 7.  Those F’N electric plants!  Still have cold sweats over them.

Well, this game is just as hard.  I made it to the 3rd level and promptly died. So, I put in a cheat.  Yes, I know, it’s awful but just once, just once in my life I’d like to see what else this game has to offer!!!!  Begrudge me that now and I swear I’ll do unholy things to you with Don’s staff!

So I did, and made it to the underground level (level 4.) I went into random rooms and they were empty; couldn’t figure out what to do next so my journey to the end of this game is once more stalled.  You win again, game, you win again.


Playability- 5

Graphics- 5

Music- 6

Replay Value 5

Originality- 5.5

Final: 53%


Krazy Kreatures

When the menu shows up for this game, you have Start Game and Stuff.  I had to try Stuff. Turns out it’s another NES game called Klax, by the same maker. To that in a minute.

Krazy Kreatures is the weirdest, most addicting game I’ve come across in a while.  This feels like something that an indy creator would put on Xbox Live.  You get a series of boxes and you need to put 3 creatures in a row as the game fills this room up with dogs, cats, elephants, horses, and all manner of creatures.  It’s a different kind of puzzle solving game that forces you to think on your feet without being impossible; the best kind of gameplay.  I made it to level 8 before succumbing to those KRAZY KREATURES!  Whooooo.  Seriously, this damn thing is fun.


Playability- 7

Graphics- 3.5

Music- 2.5

Replay Value 8

Originality- 9

Final: 60%



This is a color matching game.  You play on this weird horizontal version of the Tetris screen where instead of waiting in the bullpen, you’re color block is down the road and comes at you either fast or slow (your choice.)  You want to stack 3 in a row to eliminate them but each board gives you different rules for eliminating for more points like 3 diagonally.  It’s tough, no doubt, but isn’t near as forgiving as Krazy Kreatures.  It needed a better balance and a better view of the board behind you to make this one more memorable.


Playability/ Controls- 4.5

Graphics- 3

Music/Sound- 2.5

Replay Value- 4

Originality- 4.5

Final 37%


Bo Jackson Baseball

So, when I play a sports game, I can gauge how well the AI is by how the other team performs in a myriad of situations.  When you play Ken Griffey jr Baseball for SNES, depending on the player, batting stance, and pitch you get a variety of outcomes.  Bo Jackson Baseball gives you a bit more customization than even that game how fast you pitch, what kind and how you hit, the level of power and arc you put on the bat.  But, no matter what pitch, fast or slow or curved or inside, the computer always gets at least a single if not better.  And I was getting weak little hits, where the infield had to come in like it was Teeball.  The outfield is fairly responsive and there’s some fun graphics before each game.  But, the play was frustrating and unfriendly.   Bo Don’t Know Games!


Playability/ Controls- 4.5

Graphics- 3

Music/Sound- 6

Replay Value- 2.5

Originality- 5

Final 42%


Vice: Project Doom

This game had 2 things that instantly hooked me; a crazy prologue with some corporate type bad guy alluding to a lot of unknown plot elements (whether they paned out or not, I didn’t find out) and fun action playing the game.

I assume Project Doom was a world-ending scenario the baddie had cooked up but it never revealed itself in as far as I got. It’s not extremely memorable now though days later so I don’t give it much credit in the Replay Value category but the controls worked well and I didn’t just die right out the gate, always a plus when starting an old game.


Playability- 5.5

Graphics- 6

Music- 6.5

Replay Value 4

Originality- 7.5

Final 59%

Nintendo Rankings:

– Maniac Mansion   90%
– Super Mario Bros. 84%
– Krazy Kreatures  60%
– Vice:Project Doom   59%
– WWF Wrestlemania   54%
– Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   53%
– Mario Bros.   53%
– Slalom  47%
– Bo Jackson Baseball  42%
– Klax   37%
– Jurassic Park  39%
– Adventres of Tom Sawyer   36%
– NFL Football   28%
– Mario is Missing  27%
– Magic Dragon  26%


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