Keystone Kapers (Atari 2600) & 4 Other Atari Games

I loved this game as a kid; you’re a cop running through 3 levels to catch up to a crook who just stole some money.  As you go, and the screen switches to a new screen, different obstacles appear in your way and you need to keep moving to catch up to the crook.  As soon as you do, you start over with more added obstacles in your way.  It’s a quick game but can be really addicting really quickly.  The controls are also excellent for Atari standards.

Playability/Controls  8

Graphics- 6

Music/Sound- 2

Replay Value 7.5

Originality 7

Final: 61%



Am I really a frog trying to catch eggs a turkey is dropping onto me from high above?  That’s the crux of this game?  And if I don’t catch all of them, I mean, all of them, the yolk builds up and starts covering the floor.   The controls are absolutely awful on this game; it makes it near impossible to catch all of them because of the sensitive touch of the control.


Playability/Controls:  2.5

Graphics 2 (is that really a turkey?)

Music/Sound  1.5

Replay Value  3

Originality 2.5

Final: 23%



I don’t know what was happening here.  I hated everything about this experience.


Playabilty- 1

Graphics- 1

Music/sound- 1.5

Replay Value  1.5

Originality 1.5

Final: 11%


Out of Control

This was a very interesting game.  When I first played it, you control a tiny ship and there’s all these obstacles in your way; well, I bounced up through every single one of them until there no more than just floated into black space for what could have went on for eternity.  Then I thought, I missed something.  Turns out you need to subtly control your ship past each obstacle, where it will change color then you can move onto the next one.  Once you do this for all the obstacles, your docking station will appear; dock with it and onto the next board.  This got really fun but my god was the ship impossible to move. Could have used some music though.


Playability- 3.5

Graphics- 4.5

Music- 0

Replay Value 5.5

Originality- 3

***I also played Bridge but I don’t know how to play Bridge!  I briefly tried to read how to online but gave up.****


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