Tetris & All Tetris Related Games (Game Boy)

When I first got a Game Boy, Tetris never left my side.  I took it in the car, to the doctor, to the dentist, after school, before school and I even got the Game Boy Light so I could play it in bed when the lights were out.  It was an obsession.  And for what?  it’s a game where you put blocks into place and try to make whole lines.  Seems ridiculous that any kid would put so much time into such a simple game with no explosions, no super-heroes or even no color!  But, Tetris swept the nation, no, hence forth the world!   It’s a living, bonafide classic and it’s so simple in it’s originality.  And the music:  instant classic.  But, enough gushing over the original, there’s been several off-shoots produced for the Game Boy and today we’re going to check them out:


Gameplay/ Controls: 9.5

Graphics: 3.5

Music/ Sound: 10

Replay Value: 10

Originality: 8.5

Final   83%


Tetris Plus

When you think Plus, you think better, or more importantly, you think more.  That’s what Tetris Plus gives you.  The original version of the game is there, PLUS some updated graphics and mechanics, that honestly don’t enhance the beautifully addicting gameplay anymore.   But, you also get this weird story-mode explorer sub-game that uses the Tetris arena and tries to build something it wasn’t designed to make.  This version completely takes you and turns itself into an overwrought game (like a lot of games around this time) that’s too clever for a kid at home and takes pride in it.  It’s impossibly un-fun and should be called Tetris Minus.


Gameplay/Controls: 3

Graphics- 4

Music/Sound- 4.5

Replay Value- 4.5

Originality- 3

Final:   34%


Tetris Blast

Okay, here we go, it’s the Tetris we all know, except the first row of your board forms a giant bomb at the bottom and all your pieces have at least 1 piece on the ends that are a bomb.  The change here is when you connect 3 or more of those bomb pieces in a row, they explode causing more rows to evaporate into Tetris dust.  And when you detonate the giant bomb at the bottom, look out because the board is clear!

I thought I would loathe yet another drastic more bombastic change to the elegant simple gaming Tetris provides, but I found myself liking this alternate.  It gives you exactly what you want from Tetris (the challenging puzzle solving and line building) with an added twist that any testosterone filled human can get behind: explosions!  And they changed some of the Tetris pieces, like there are some with just 2 blocks attached and some with 3, giving you alternate pieces to slide into those tiny crevices left open by quick-decision moves you regret later.


Playability- 7.5

Graphics- 3.5

Music/Sound- 6.5

Replay Value- 6.5

Originality- 5

Final: 58%


Tetris Attack

(rubbing my eyes)….what the shit?

(rubbing them again)  is that….Y….Yoshi?

Yoshi’s going to battle Mario villains in head to head Tetris fun?   O..okay, I guess.

Hold on the battle is all on one screen because you needed to give the other side to the animated characters watching the battle?   This doesn’t work.



Gameplay 2

Graphics- 1.5

Music/Sound 2.5

Replay Value 1

Originality  .5

Final: 24%


Tetris 2

Yep, they did it.  They made an “official” sequel to Tetris.  They should have called it:

Tetris 2: THE TETRISING!!!!!!!

Anyways, game was okay fun.  They changed the look of the Tetris blocks, added colors, even multi-colored, different music (no original theme- Boo!), and played around with the modes a bit.  It’s fine.  For being further advanced in the lifespan of Game Boy systems, the graphics really aren’t any better; but i guess nothing more dynamic can be done with blocks.


Gameplay- 5.5

Graphics- 2.5

Music 3

Replay Value- 3

Originality 5.5

Final: 39%


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