My attempt at long form epic poetry

The Depth of her Eyes

I could look at her forever, her eyes are black holes that suck me in, weightless, stepping on space, peering into an infinite twinkle she spreads her wings by blinking her eyes, they flutter, she holds my arms behind me, to plunge me, heart first into deep blue, her eyes are propellers, we weep together and add to the collective tears around us; our kiss- was fate-less- it only meant a touch – I wish it was more.  Her wings felt like columns of smoke bundled together with satin lace, she turned her eyes from the view of the one who swims and loves, the eyes of curiousity, kingdoms and young hearts glide about in them, I floated in their rafts- my chest was her lifejacket; we churned into a frothy spin and left my angel of loving eyes, who I forgot….for ages.

We pushed on the breaking point, the sharp edge of the water, cut our skin, so dull, two hands so different, shapes break the glass, solid ground under my feet, twitching in the breeze of the air I breathe in, one breath to absorb her eyes- again and sweet, her stare leads the way and fear sinks below the sill of memory, love fills my body like a balloon, I pop and pick up the pieces, her hands- they find and make me whole again, the open sky sings and horns of great brass build a bridge of song over-all the world- for many centuries, her legs became two and her wings blossom, hand in hand, soul in soul, we shoot into open wind which carries us beyond all atmosphere where a place waits for our feet to walk- we are marveled at all our eyes can take in, although mine always swim back into hers, and the top of all heavens, we kiss and sew our seed as one and all is wondrous….for ages.

My view is limited- far sighted for her eyes- mesmerizing like an enchantment, weary under spell, I fell from the tip of a cloud and passed through all the elements: air, wind, water, land, plant, animal, fire & oblivion; my thoughts were dizzy and my heart was burning- I left that place and dream of flying on my own wings and finding her eyes- they were life and death, oxygen and breath, heart and soul- my venture lasted until a second before eternity and finally, the soothing green and blue called to me, and let me down- their view was wider, and focus was scaled- I felt her wings on my cheek, and they were unforgettable; but now coarse and I awoke on a stone slab with none but my head and eyes to guide me- I searched for something unknown to sight, but my heart would not forget.  I had failed…..for ages.

I looked into it for nearly forever, for answers evaded me, my mind eluded me, the deep ocean was a blur of happiness and I would never remember my own, I cried until my eyes poured red, a single drop pierced the blue and rippled throughout it; I fell from my post and screamed in pain, in agony, until two holes flapped like a dove towards me, grabbing my heart with a grip unlike any other; I dove, unwillingly, by force into my fate, my origin of years erased, my eyes slowly rolled from my head and fell beneath my feet, and suddenly, everything was clear as bright daylight; the depth of my eyes was found and so was the bottom I walked along; the sand was fine, and loose and under it, feathers of light I knew the touch of, digging and searching, my answers came from underneath, all of the normal world, I remembered those eyes and they looked at me from behind; I faced my memories and exchanged her flight for her lips and all their passion, my skin touching hers, interlocking the ten and cutting through water like nothing was there, into the space of stars and eternal light, we celebrated with more kisses and looks, my soul was found in her eyes- transfixed…for ages and ages.


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