2020 Super Baseball , Skyblazer & Zoop (Super NES)

Don’ worry; I won’t be forgetting about the little gray box’s 16 bit cousin.  I’ve got 3 really interesting games to talk about so let’s start with America’s favorite pastime in the future.

2020 Super Baseball

After playing so many vintage games, which still look great, turning on this bad boy sort of explodes with brightness onto my TV.  It looks so vivid and alive and I”m stoked to play this.  Am I familiar with this game?  Not at all.  But, once I get going with the Tokyo Dragons, this game plays just like (arguably) the greatest baseball game of all time, Ken Griffey jr Baseball (which I’ll argue for).  It’s a complete clone of the playstyle which isn’t a bad thing at all. Seems the only addition is you can give your team power boosts for speed, hitting, and pitching since they’re all robots.  And trust me, the last thing you want is a full count with 2 outs and all ducks on the pond when you’re opponent gives their hitter a triple batting power boost. Yes, I just walked SOB and prayed the next at bat wouldn’t be on the future juice.

The game keeps the same season capabilities and un-named players that made Griffey so fun; I should have tried to see if I could edit the characters?  Funny thing about this game is in 5 years, it will be 2020 and our baseball is still played by real people and our animatronics robots are still mostly entertaining us at Disney World.


Playability- 6.5

Graphics- 6

Music- 6

Replay Value- 7

Originality- 5

Final: 61%



It’s back. Zoop.   The hipster of games.  Zoop is like the movie no one gets but everyone says it’s great.  I tried it again , it has the same graphics, music as Sega but on a second time around the block, it’s even less fun.  But I could listen to that soundtrack all day.


Playability- 3

Graphics- 5

Music- 8.5

Replay Value- 3

Originality- 5

Final: 49%



I didn’t know what to expect from this game, but quickly found it appealing.  You get a prologue about a princess being kidnapped and are immediately dropped into a level.  Moving Sky (our hero) you get a basic jump, punch and kick, as well as a fire projectile.  But, one of the coolest features to his movement is his ability to stick to walls, ala Spider-Man and reminded me of Strider, one of my old favorites from NES.  It’s a cool move as it allows you to save yourself from low risk jumps over lava and fireballs or trying to hitch a ride on a moving platform.

The game also features an overhead map, sort of like a Legend of Zelda but each area has it’s own identity and setting, from a forest to a castle, and features different enemies and ways to level up your magic.  I didn’t get to play as long as I would have liked and will go back to this one again, but my first impressions are this was a inventive game with a cool fantasy setting.


Playability- 7

Graphics- 6

Music- 7.5

Replay Value- 8

Originality- 8


Super NES Rankings:

Skyblazer  73%

2020 Super Baseball 61%

Zoop  49%


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