Ghostbusters (Sega Genesis) + 4 more!

Who Ya Gonna Call?  “GHOSTBUSTERS!”

A theme screamed by adoring fans throughout the 80’s and 90’s so of course the inevitable happens:  it’s ported to all video game systems.  I have 0 experience with other iterations but this game was my second Genesis game and I played the holy crap out of it.  This game is just loads of fun.  Is it hard?  You betcha, but this game features something that wouldn’t really be fashionable until modern games come along.  What is that you say?  Endless (in this case 10) continues!  And when you defeat a boss (there’s usually 3 in each level) it stays defeated when you go back through.   The mechanics are really fun, your characters are very cartoonish but you get the proton pack and the trap, it’s all here.

I’d be remised if I didn’t mention one of my favorite boss battles in most all of games: The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!  Yep, we got him here and he’s loads of fun to zap and turn into frothy cream.  I just replayed this game after over a decade if not longer and it still holds up, very well.  So, if there’s something strange….in your neighborhood…..well, you know the rest.


Playability- 7.5

Graphics- 7

Music- 7

Replay Value 7.5

Originality 6.5

Final: 71%


Jennifer Capriati Tennis

So, looking up some history on Jennifer, she’s a tennis phenom.  She started playing when she was 13 years old and competed as late as 2007, after suffering a critical shoulder injury.  She also just announced her return to tennis last year.  She was known was one of the first female power players and if that’s any indication on the gameplay for her Sega cart, it’s dead on the money.

It’s not that this game was fun, or challenging, it just had a very Pong-feel to it, except we were playing with characters of women.  Back and forth with just the court action as the setting.  Not the most dynamic play I could think of but then again what more do you do with a tennis game?


Playability- 4.5

Graphics- 5

Music- 1

Replay Value- 3.5

Originality- 4

Final   36%


The Simpson: Bart’s Nightmare

Whoa man, where am I?

You’re in Bart’s Nightmare, which consists of moving Jebediah Springfield heads, out of control school buses and mailboxes and old women trying to kiss him.  Strange stuff.

Anything with the Simpsons license on it has a load of material to pull from so it’s interesting this is the direction they went in.  This game has a steep learning curve, as you keep finding yourself on a street full of wackiness without much to figure out.  You can get changed into a frog here and there, you may stumble upon a sidequest or two (Bartzilla!) but overall this game gives you no direction on what to do.  And Bart’s jump?  Yikes, he’d give Jack be Nimble a run for his money because a candlestick would be a tall order for Mr. Simspons’ Ups.  That being said, the game looks fantastic with that bright and colorful world of Springfield making 16 bit look good.


Playability- 3.5

Graphics- 9

Music- 5

Replay Value 5.5

Originality- 6.

Final: 59%



Zoop is like a game designers version of the art world’s minimalistic movement.  There’s not much here.  You’re an arrow, surrounded by colored shapes that you can change the color of, match up enough and they disappear.  The shapes keep multiplying around you so you have to be quick and keep changing them to not get overrun with them and end the game.

Please, is there strategy to this?  If so, I couldn’t get into it or get the hang of it.  It ‘s supposed to be popular to some gamers but I was not a huge fan.  The music, though, is hopping and kept me palying for longer than I had any right to.


Playability 3.5

Graphics- 4.5

Music- 8.5

Replay Value 3.5

Originality- 5

Final: 50%



Based off the 1993 Sylvester Stallone movie, you get the setup to the film in a long cutscene right off jump street.  I found myself wondering would this be a climbing game of some sort?  No it’s a beat ’em up.  Ok, fine, I can deal with this.  You get through a few parts and you get to do some climbing.  Yet, as I am scaling this sheer wall (with no equipment) I’m being shot at by these goons on ledges.  So I make my way to the ledges and I can’t hit these guys!   My punches are going right through them.  Frustrating.  Next comes an avalanche that begins before the screen is loaded!  NO.  Just no.

I picked it back up later and it’s more of the same.  I give them points for originality as it tries to vary the things to do instead of just being a punching game.


Playability- 4.5

Graphics- 6

Music- 5.5

Replay Value 2.5

Originality – 5.

Final: 47%

Sega Genesis Rankings:
– Decap Attack  71%
– Ghostbusters  71%
– Golden Axe  70%
– Golden Axe II  62%
– The Simpsons: Bart’s Nightmare- 59%
– Zoop  50%
– Laser Ghost   50%
– Cliffhanger   47%
– Enduro Racer  44%
– Jennifer Capriati Tennis   36%
– Pit Fighter  36%
– Shadow of the Beast  26%


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