Pac-Man (Atari) & 4 other Atari Games

The little yellow chomper is a video game icon; if you were lucky enough to be born before, during or a bit after the 80’s and got to experience this game at a live arcade machine, it’s just one of those things people who didn’t experience will never understand.  Porting this to the Atari 2600 put the magic at your fingertips but could never replicate the excitement from the joystick on your hand with lights and noises and buzzes going off at a real live arcade, which sadly aren’t around anymore.  But, the game still holds up .

From the classic chomping, the pesky ghosts, the diagram of the board, your own personal movement pattern around the board (don’t frown,; we all have one) it’s all there and you never get tired of playing this game, never!


Playability- 9

Graphics- 5

Music- 3

Replay Value – 10

Originality- 6.5

Total: 67%



I was going to describe this game as a “horiztonal Tetris” but I’m not sure if that does it justice or not. The game is simple: you have a bar in the middle with a shooter on it.  On both sides of you are multi-colored bars laid out all in a column. Every second or so, one of these bars gets longer.  You need to shoot out all the bars before any of them grow long enough to reach your center bar where your shooter is housed.  It’s a simple, yet strategic game I found myself resetting over and over to start anew.  If you can somehow find this one and play it, I think you’ll be surprised how much you dig it.


Playability- 7.5

Graphics- 4

Music- 3.5

Replay Value- 6.5

Originality- 5

Final: 53%


Sea Hunt

To Hell with this game; if this goofy little weirdo sees monstrous fish under his boat and wants to jump in, I”m not stopping him!  Oh, you got eaten again?  Big Surprise.  Oh, the shooting function is waaaay too slow for the sea creatures ?  Not shocked at all.  Oh, 9/10 when you jump out of the boat, it drags you right into the big sharks’ mouth who takes up half the screen?  What do you know?  This game is SHIT!


Playability- 1

Graphics- 1

Music- 2

Replay Value- 3

Originality 2.5

Final: 19%


Teddy Apple

Wha?  Who?  The graphics are so awful I can’t even tell what this Teddy is supposed to be.  An overweight anthropromorphic walrus?  Who knows- this is a riff on Donkey Kong where you need to advance up straight levels to reach the highest plateau but of course there are enemies everywhere around you.  The movement of this is some of the worst controls on Atari 2600 I’ve played and that’s saying something.  Avoid at all costs or you’ll never get that time back!

Playability  .5

Graphics- 1

Music- 2

Replay Value 1.5

Originality. 5

Final: 11%



Is it just me or does this name not roll off the tongue at all?  Here’s another classic Atari game that starts with the graphics so glitched you can’t tell what’s you, what’s the enemies and what’s the background!  You’re a ship( of some sort), shooting other ship-like-things (best guess) but you can warp across the board very quickly.  Sounds cool, right?  WRONG!.  Every single time, every single time I warped into an enemy because when you warp, the graphics glitch.  It’s a joke.


Playability- 0

Graphics- .5

Music- 1

Replay Value – .5

Originality- 2

Final: 8%


Atari Rankings:

– Pac-Man  67%
– Ram-It  53%
– Taskan  38%
– Defender 38%
– Defender II 36%
– Spider-Man   26%
– Sea Hunt  19%
– Teddy Apple   11%
– Basketball  10%
– Mr. Postman  8%
– Warplock  8%
– 3D Tic-Tac-Toe  .4%


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