Old Poetry

here’s some more pieces of wood to add on the poetry fire (for posterity sake)

Beautiful Walk

Desperate to hold your hand

you hide it’s location

just allow your feet to find

their destination

I dreamt of our long day

how firm is your grip?

inside a cave drips perspiration

you can hear my desperation

you brought the right kind of shoes

I dropped all the wrong clues

take a hint for me, a favor

the landscape is as wide as the sky

and glows greener

internal combustion of the mind

my eyeballs are slumbering in compliance

of regularity

our whole relationship is our lives

is just pretty enough?


Glint as the Stars Do

As Leo roams the open dark

I find a place to park

The first hour of mankind

Leave my keys out where I’ll find

The wind is moaning like a whale

My last attempt was a fail

Here eyes glint as the stars do

Her legs shake until we’re through

I heard the sun burnt the dinosaurs away

I wait for her call the next day

Patience is a virtue for the planets

only 3 words swirl in my head: I love Janet

The skin of the Earth wears thins

I can’t stop thinking of being within

Time wears away every fight and battle

Her ruby lipstick, her diamond eyeshadow

Blessed are the gods who devised

every tiny cell inside her ocean eyes

Empires fall at the utterance of her breath

Her beauty makes the blind beg for death

She approached me later in the hall

No normal mortal could handle her call

She said “I like Clint; this is over,”

My heart exploded into a supernova

I hope rainstorms fall eternally on her head from that day

at least my days as a boy had gone away



You’ll need an aquamask to complete this task

there’s a treasure trove in a blue water cove

where the fish like to play from evening ’til day

to breathe in this salt, i’d rather swim than walk

my legs prove no need while riding my seahorse steed

normal people will never know about the power of a whale’s spout

if only mermaids were real, I wouldn’t miss a woman to feel

I still don’t believe the things that I see, under the sea, though, I never go hungry


The Whole World

Your room is perfectly dark

our bodies perfectly flawed

the shadows blur their lines

they touch their see-through hearts

the words are like actions

they have mass, and density in their meaning

there’s only time for so much

the flash is brilliant

memories pour from the light endlessly

and I collect them all

her picture, still speaks to me

her laugh carries me through every day

my dreams wake me from her face

walking on a chessboard of fire

we burn our tongues together

a shower of sweat covers us in the night

and I cry and the in the morning

video can’t console me

my feelings are like a funhouse mirror

I long to see double

the placement of each item there

move my way through instinct

please find my embarrassment and tear it up for me

my tears stain my hands forever

and my heart feels numb for you

I have no words to finish this thought


Good Morning

the bubble in your skin tastes like orange peels, succulent and sweet, my window needs cleaning, our breath has fogged it over like a frozen lake, rainbows of reds and blues splash like waves as we collide then abruptly stop.

my phone is ringing

I hate my phone.

Having pointless conversation with the wrong person.

half asleep anyways, she curls up like a snail in a shell, how warm it is, I wonder

her underwear lay on my new CD, images of how they got there rewound , fast forward in my head as hers rests

I kiss her shoulders, they feel like the underbelly of a bunny , not hairy, just smooth and soft , how truly awake we are when the phone rings again.

Alexander Graham Bell was a fool.


I need him to sell me some uninterrupted time.  Time to feel her neck against mine and whisper in her ear, enjoy the morning light and her morning face.




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