Mario is Missing! (Nintendo) & 2 Others

Missing?  You want to talk about Missing?  There was a huge something missing from this game, that ‘s been present in all the other Mario games besides Mario!  You know what it is? FUN!  I searched everywhere and couldn’t find a speck of it.

I’m all about making Luigi the star of a game (when it happened years later in Luigi’s Mansion, it was a fun masterpiece) but this game is complete boredom.  You end up in a town, already completely out of anything resembling Mario games, and walk around aimlessly until you figure out to push start and find Yoshi on a map of the world.  You’re somehow supposed to figure out where Luigi is on this world map and bring Yoshi to him so he can ride him in that city.  None of this is spelled out for you whatsoever.  It get even more confusing and unplayable from there.  This game is a disaster; I wish it would have went missing during production.


Playability- 2

Graphics- 3.5

Music- 3

Replay Value- 1

Originality- 4

Final: 27%



Slalom is  a skiing game; we have skating games, skateboarding games, why not?  It’s actually a fun mindless type game where you just go through a whole course with 3 different settings available.  The tracks can be tricky but here’s enough maneuvering and obstacles to be difficult but not impossible.


Playability- 5

Graphics- 4.5

Music- 4

Replay Value- 6.5

Originality- 3.5

Final: 47%


Magic Dragon

I was all set for a medieval adventure with swordplay and magic and monsters, and dare I say, dragons? What I got was a flight game.  It’s a side scrolling flight game where you control a tiny plane with big guns.  You move through the level quick blasting away at anything but what’s this?  One hit and I start over?  This is the Silver Surfer syndrome.  If you don’t know what that is, stayed tuned. Is there anything more of a turn off from a game then being hit once and having to start from the beginning?

Playability- 2.5

Graphics- 5

Music- 2.5

Replay Value- 2

Originality- 1

Final: 26 %


Jurassic Park

In 1993 (the year Nintendo released one of it’s biggest turds ever, Mario is Missing) a dinosaur blockbuster was sweeping the nation and the world.  And what would inevitably follow?  a video game base on said movie!

Jurassic Park has had a lot of video games made for it, and I’d played most of them in my youth except this one. It’s an action adventure game with collectibles inside.  You begin as Dr. Alan Grant, and the goal is to collect all the dinosaur eggs and key cards in a given level, all while avoiding those pesky dinosaurs.  And what do you have to defend yourself with?  A gun, which necessitates you collecting ammo as you move around the board.  This gun is supremely annoying because if you don’t aim directly at the dinosaur, the shot misses.  And it misses a lot.  Most of the dinos populating the levels are the tiny anklebiting Compys.  This has that annoying old school game AI where the enemies wait in front of doors and passages you have to get into and there’s way around them, you know you’re taking damage.  That’s all over this game.

Truth be told, I didn’t play that far into it.  It’s pretty mundane game play but wouldn’t be half bad if your weapon actually had any kind of accurate aiming system.


Playability- 4.5

Graphics- 4

Music- 3

Replay Value- 4.5

Originality- 3.5

Final: 39%


Nintendo Rankings:

#1 Super Mario Bros. (84%)   #2 Slalom (47%)   #3 Jurassic Park (39%)   #4 Mario is Missing (27%)   #5 Magic Dragon (26%)


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