Heroclix Report

hey everyone, I’m a bona-fide nerd, tried and true and I wanted to incorporate one of the nerdier things I do into this blog.  It’s called Heroclix; it’s a miniatures game mostly comprised of comic book characters from Marvel Comics and DC Comics.  It’s played out on a color map (usually a famous comic book locale) and is broken into grids.  It’s a close equivalent to super-hero chess.  Each unique character has a point value, and his or her own unique powers and combat values.  You pit your team up against another player’s team and have at it.


I won’t go into the rules and regs here as it is a involved game, but one that merits strategy and board placement, a lot like chess.  Last week I went to my local venue and played a sealed game; this is where you purchase pre-packaged booster packs of heroclix and open them, finding 5 random figures inside.  The game was 350 pts.  Here’s my team:


I’m going to describe our tournament (briefly) in heroclix jargon so apologies if this doesn’t make sense.

Match #1 I played a young guy named Joe who’s quickly picking up the game.  He drafted from 1 War of Light booster and 1 Trinity War Booster.  His team was the ever-present Weaponer of Qward and Chase Wrath.   This was going to be a tough go for me, as Wrath gives out tokens each time a ranged attack is made to give that character Battle Fury, which nerfs ranged attacks, really hurting my whole team.  I named Hawkeye  as Harley’s Puddin’ (as I badly joked it’s an inter-comics relationship) and they stayed together tightly.  Weaponer moved up and chose Psychic Blast and one-shotted Captain Boomerang quickly.  Wrath hid down in a crater as I primed Hawkeye up to fire.  I took shots at Weaponer first (with Harley outwitting his defense) and hurt him badly, but having to clear tokens from Wrath.  Pied Piper took a chance and tried to hit a Pulse Wave on Wrath, but the big man dodged it, then promptly ate Piper for dinner.  Hawkeye continued to fire away at Weaponer knocking him to his stop click.  At this point, Harley had moved out on her own for Outwit purposes and got based straight away by both members of his team.  Since I was still working off her top dial, I was able to Poison Weaponer into an early grave.  Then I used Hawkeye to blast away at Wrath (acquring Mystics damage and Wrath tokens) but knocking him into Toughness, so Harley could penetrating Poison him for the win.

Match #2 was against James, an excellent player.  He opened Fear Itself and Avengers Assemble and pulled a Super Rare in each.  Colossus (in Juggernaut Armor), Ronin and a Thule Society Priest was his team.  The whole first half was position heavy;  Colossus( who can destroy terrain) was positioined behind a wall in Deadpool’s House with a heavy object, so I fed Captain Boomerang up front to Outsider him.  Ronin stepped up and promptly Flurry’d Boomerang out of the game.  I used this moment to bring Hawkeye in for a Running Shot , pinging Ronin for 2 (he had Toughness.)  But, James is a smart cookie; Ronin is a traited Wildcard and bounced over to Thule Society Priest (also a wildcard) and began pushing him to heal Ronin up while simultaneously pushing the Priest to click #3 , where his Prob Control was waiting.  I stashed Harley and her Puddin’ back a ways and brought Pied Piper around the rear of Colossus who was biding his time.  I perplexed up Hawkeye’s speed and ran in for a triple Incap shot when I realized Ronin and Preist were both in hindering (so they had Stealth inacted).  Colossus was my only target and I missed him.  Piper though did not; and pulse Waved the big brute onto click #3.  For the next 3 rounds, Colossus whiffed Piper every single time, with Piper getting in another PUlse Wave during it.  Harley joined Hawkeye and beat down Ronin, while poisoning Priest into KO.  Ronin got double tokened onto his last click and Harley poisoned him out from there.  Colossus decided he wasn’t going down w/o a fight so after 4 misses on Pied Piper, he charged Hawkeye and destroyed him.  Harley and Piper chased down the wounded Russian and knocked him out.

Game #3 was against Chris, my cousin.  Our history in this game is that we’ve been playing since the beginning (him literally, me in between Clobberin Time and Xploision).  He pulled from Fear Itself and Age of Ultron Wave 1; his team was comprised of MODAM, She-Hulk (@75 pts), Ant-Man (@ 50 pts) and Iron Fist(white suit).  This was another positioning game as She-Hulk and Ant-Man stuck close together with their double Perplex ensuring they wouldn’t be my first targets with such high defenses.  Iron Fist was posted behind a wall in a room and I got the idea to blow out the wall and have Boomerang Running Shot against him, but he missed.  From there, MODAM made her move and Mind Controlled Piper, who successfully Pulse Waved my whole team (as well as MODAM herself) then went for the Mind Control but missed.  She also missed her Psychic Blast.  That one hurt. Iron Fist charged out and attacked, can’t remember if he hit or not but I took a whole round to have my team unload on him, and it paid off, KO’ing Iron Fist.  From there She-Hulk and Ant-Man charged out and I believe She-Hulk missed as well with Ant-Man pinging Boomerang for 1.  Harley was there next target and she took a beating from his whole team, finally ko’ing the mad clown princess.  Hawkeye fired away at will at both She-Hulk and Ant-Man, as did Boomerang and Piper all from range, finally knocking both out in 1 round.  MODAM was all alone but she wasn’t scared!  She ran in and started hitting Psychic Blast attacks against my whole team, wounding everyone and I was missing whole rounds of attacks.  At a critical moment, MODAM decided to push to KO Pied Piper (who could still Pulse Wave) but she rolled a critical miss!  That was it, great strategy by Chris, who’s an excellent player but the dice failed him.

Fun tournament and i’ll report back next week with our Age of Ultron Month 2 event.


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