Decap Attack (Sega Genesis) & 4 other Games

In the pantheon of classic video game characters created by Sega, Chuck D. Head will not rank high; but , from my humble viewpoint, he could not have been more important.  Decap Attack was the first game I got for my Sega Genesis; I got a system before Sonic was packaged with it.  Despite it’s strange plot, weird missing head mechanic and creepy creatures, I got drawn into the style of play and difficulty it presented to a young gamer. To me, this was like the weirder, creepier , and sort of cooler version of Super Mario Bros. (just like Sega was marketing themselves to be).

For those who have never played it, this game is challenging!  You control Chuck, who attacks by punching you with his stomach; occasionally you’ll find his head which then becomes a projectile and is much easier to deal with baddies.  You are trying to gather up the body parts to a disfigured body and have to go through 8 levels to retrieve all of them.  You gather potions and vials that give you different effects to use during the game.  The enemies can be tough, always in the way, blocking paths, creative AI for an old game but Chuck has a great feature: he can control his jump by wiggling his feet which helps you avoid some terrible jumps where you can’t see the bottom of the screen and lets you avoid jumping right into a pit of lava.

I recently re-played this game (that I beat in my youth) and I only made it past halfway, at my best attempt.  This is a quirky lost classic and should be played by all Sega fans.


Playability- 8

Graphics- 6.5

Music- 7.5

Replay Value- 7

Story- 6.5

Scores: 71 %


Enduro Racer

This game feels either very inspired by Excitebike or it ripped off Excitebike.  It’s a linear motorcross game but the tracks are vertical instead of horizontal.  I played the Japanese version first; there was no variety in the tracks at all, just hill, rock, hill, rock, those were you’re only obstacles and then an occasional gap in the track (like the dirt patches from Excitebike)  Time limits are way too short on this game; I was out of time every time I played before I even finished the first leg.

The American version wasn’t any better; the same music, but better backgrounds such as a forest scene.  But, the American version replaced the other motocross racers with Dune Buggies. Now, once you collide with a Dune Buggy, you’re automatically destroyed.  That’s it; respawn where you blew up.  For being an Excitebike remake, they also didn’t have the create-a-track which was one of the best features of that game.


Playability- 5

Graphics- 5

Music- 5

Replay Value- 4

Story- 3

Scores: 44%


Laser Ghost

Game starts with a prologue video flipping through a creepy book with a little girl in it; chilling stuff.  It gets you in the mood for horror.  Then, a screen pops up for a light gun attachment (which I didn’t have).  So, you have a target you can move around on the screen and a second target that I believe shoots the things you’re targeting when you’re in the vicinity of the thing you’re shooting at.  Meanwhile, a little girl skips along the level while you try to protect her.  There’s plenty of wall breaks and windows to blow up and send her life but the shooting system is inaccurate and the girl does nothing to protect herself.  Sure, walk through the forbidden house with a big red bow and singing “Skip to my Lou” while letting pictures and bats fly at you.  The concept does not work for the gun play they want.


Playability- 3

Graphics- 6

Music- 7

Replay Value- 3

Story- 6

Scores: 50%


Pit Fighter

This title elicits a strong reaction from gamers; you think to the barrel-chested fighters modeled after Mortal Kombat with actors in place beating each other senseless.  This is not that game.

I thought Sega Genesis was 16 bit?  This looks more like 6 bit.  The fighters are super tiny and have limited attacks and the combat is no fun at all.  I played both the European and Japanese versions and their identical.

Stick with the photo-realistic slobs beating each other’s brains in and don’t get suckered by this poor man’s version.


Playability- 4

Graphics- 2.5

Music- 4

Replay Value- 3.5

Story- 4



Shadow of the Beast (Europe)

Picture This: You’re a grey monster, half-wolf, half-Orc, and you’re bounding across open terrain like a bear cub who smells honey.  You run into puffy green dragons, tree stumps and small pincers coming out of the ground, along with other sordid monstrous things.  You can jump, but not high enough to get over these obstacles.  You can punch, but it doesn’t seem to affect anything.  If you build up enough momentum when you’re running, you can do a flying kick; of course, the size, shape and variety of the enemy has no discernible pattern so you never know what’s coming or when and the screen only reveals the enemy as soon as it’s in front of you.  So, what have you pictured?

Turning off your Sega.


Playability- 1

Graphics- 3

Music- 5

Replay Value- 1

Originality- 2

Score: 24%


Sega Genesis Rankings:

#1 Decap Attack    #2 Golden Axe    #3 Golden Axe II    #4 Laser Ghost   #5 Enduro Racer   #6 Pit Fighter   #7 Shadow of the Beast


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