Spider-Man (Atari 2600)

It’s a fun exercise to go back to the original; I don’t know about you but there’s been a lot of really awesome Spider-Man games that have truly captured what it would feel like to be the quip-slinging, web-swinging super hero.  Well, there’s definitely web-swinging here but it’s almost like it’s on life support.

Spider-Man only has 1 screen and you can web pull yourself up a single building; along the building you’ll find criminals, bombs and Green Goblin floating like a fart cloud at the top.  The goal is to swing over top these things and “capture” or “defuse” them for points (still the measure of success in Atari games).  The webs are hard to get down and it’s tough to swing over some of the criminals and Gobby, but it’s a tough challenge.  It feels so deflating that Spidey falls down when the webs won’t stick to an open window and he falls like a watermelon Letterman just threw off the roof of this eyesore yellow building.

The other thing that is an eye sore, at least on my screen, is half of Spidey’s back is removed due to some graphical glitch and the screens aren’t as smooth as other Atari offerings.


Playability- 4

Graphics- 2

Music- 3

Replay Value- 2

Story- 2

Score 26%

Atari Rankings:

#1 Spider-Man


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