Mr. Postman (Atari 2600)

I’d like to take a poll to see how closely this game resembles the everyday actions of a postman’s day:

(And please be honest)

Question #1: Do you look like a small dog creature when on your route?

Question #2: Does an eagle drop pellets and swoop down to attack you?

Question #3: Do you need to climb a ladder to get away from said eagle?

Final Question#4: Do you Vine-swing (ala Pifall) to get back onto your route?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you’re normal like the rest of us; and like the rest of us you hate this game.  If you answered yes, seek help immediately.


Playability- 2

Graphics- 1

Music- 1

Replay Value- 0

Story- 1

Score: 8%

Atari 2600 Rankings:

#1 Taskan 38%

#2 Spider-Man 26%

#3 Mr. Postman 8 %


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