Barbie: Game Girl (Game Boy)

Here we go, my first foray into the lovely black and white (and sometimes murky green, depending on your screen quality) of Game Boy games.  As we get further into this, I”ll try to separate out these titles from Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color.  This was played at the behest of my daughter, who is super into Barbie’s right now.  We only get 1 cut scene and it repeats itself with Barbie wanting to go shoe shopping.  So, naturally after a psychedelic mall level in which lemon drop people shoot at  you, you find yourself a mermaid avoiding terrible “Jaw’s” facsimiles (with 8-bit music) and creeps in divers suits.  You flip back and forth between Shopping Barbie and Mermaid Barbie, fighting two bosses during this: a Jellyfish who has locked up King Crab (damn that sounds delicious) and Queen Crab , then in the mall you do battle with a rogue Jukebox Machine where the goal is to keep 3 quarters spinning.  1992 is over 20 years ago but did we still have Juke Boxes in large quantities?

Nothing in this game makes any sense but the game handles better than you would think; Barbie almost has a Princess Peach like jump so there’s not many obstacles that you can’t get around and has a decent amount of health.  The enemies are all so weird and random, I could only think she’d wake up from a dream to find out she already has 227 pairs of shoes, but no, the game ends when the Juke Box stops playing (could be a metaphor for life).  Is that what they were going for?  Am I over-thinking this?  Or is it too early?  I need some decaf like 5 minutes ago….


Graphics- 3

Playability – 6.5

Music- 1

Story- 2

Replay Value- 5

Total Score: 35%

Game Boy Rankings:

#1 Barbie: Game Girl


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